Thanksgiving Turkey

turkey on a table

November came so fast, and wether you have been planning your dinner for months, or just looked at your calendar and realized the date, it's never to early to start prepping for your Thanksgiving bird. This year Corbin Hill teamed up with Hidden Camp Farms in Canajoharie, New York,  to bring our shareholders quality USDA organic turkeys, raised free-range on a pasture with no growth hormones or GMOs.

But regardless of where you get your turkey from, what counts is how you cook it! Some may choose to deep fry, some will roast and there is the daring few who will stew their turkey. We have gathered three of the most popular youtube tutorials on how to cook a turkey. Take a look, take a deep breath, and get to cooking!

Jamie Oliver's "Fail-Safe Roast Turkey" 

Jay's Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Food Wish's "Your First Turkey!"