A note of thanks from our founder

To our Shareholders,

I want to thank you for your continued support of our mission to provide fresh food where it is needed most; and for your commitment to be part of a larger movement for food justice that incorporates our vision of racial equity and sovereignty.

Our challenges this summer encompassed an upstate drought, which impacted 53 of the 62 counties in New York State. This drought produced the additional challenge of making food affordable as well as accessible; since both are necessary conditions if we are to provide food to those who need it most, and still adhere to the value paying fair prices and just wages across the food supply chain. We managed to navigate this all while staying true to our values, and this was greatly due to our Shareholders patience, for which we are grateful.  

These challenges also spurred our ongoing search for efficiencies; from sourcing to transportation, the packing of shares, incorporating technology in the field and building new alliances with Greenmarket Co, and The Black Farmers for this coming winter season. These partnerships and alliances are all part of a major effort to bring our shareholders more variety and provide food longer throughout the year. We will keep you informed on each of these developments as they formalize.

This winter season shares will be priced at $15, and shareholders can expect between six and eight items. We fully anticipate that each winter share will include greens, and fruit items as usual, and we will make every effort to source a wider range of root crops as well.

We look forward to your joining us for the Winter ‘16-’17 season, and also at one of our three planned soup sessions that we will be holding (I will be doing the cooking!) over the winter. These soup sessions will be an opportunity for us to listen to our shareholders and hear from you how we can do better.

We wish for a winter of limited snow, warm hearts and happy homes.

In good health,

Dennis sig

Dennis Derryck,
President and Founder.