A letter from our Founder

Corbin Hill Food Project welcomes back our Shareholders for this our seventh year, like the perennials that return and blossom each year, we are happy to see you again.

Many of you have all been asking when you can sign up for the Corbin Hill Farm Share for this 2016 season, and when the first delivery will be. We thank you both for your inquiries and your patience as we watch all the seeds planted grow to become part of our spring share, and while we organize the Summer season.

We are in the process of modernizing our website & creating our own ordering platform that can serve both our Farm Share Shareholders as well as our other programs, including Community Connect, Community Health Partners and Wholesale. These programs, integral pieces to our project, have not been historically served by an online ordering platform. While we tested the platform for launch this season – hence the delay in our launch – we find ourselves with more work ahead in order to make the transfer as smooth as possible for you our loyal Shareholders. We do expect that with further testing we will launch the new platform this year. Our new website, on the other hand, is slated to launch within just a few weeks.

In welcoming you back, we acknowledge that you represent a commitment to paying it forward as you become part of a wider movement around food justice and racial equity. Our Farm Share Shareholders Program, comprised 28,980 (32.3%) of the 89,000 distributions we made last summer. Your participation allowed us to better serve our mission as 64% of all our distributions last year reached individuals and families making less than 200% of the poverty level. We accomplished this through our Community Connect and Community Health Partners and Wholesale Program. 

This year changes were made that reflect the economic realities which govern food. While food affordability is always a goal, it must be achieved without compromises around living wages. It is not enough to ask where our food comes from, without also asking who are the workers that toil in the field? Who are the people that get the produce to your distribution site and are they fairly paid? We can only achieve the goal of affordability by introducing levels of efficiency within our operations. This year we made the decision to source our produce from Greenmarket Co. and Farm Fresh.

This new sourcing strategy eliminates weekly costs that we would expect to pass on to our Shareholders and other programs; as reflected in increased items in your share, or for Wholesale more competitive prices. Both Greenmarket Co. and Farm Fresh will be sourcing local and regional. Many of their farmers will be GAP certified and there will be traceability with all produce.

As always, we welcome hearing your feedback & suggestions. Feel free to respond with your thoughts using the subject line “Season Opening Letter” to farmshare@corbinhillfarm.com.


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Dennis Derryck

Founder and President, Corbin Hill Food Project