Summer 2017 Letter to Shareholders


As Corbin Hill Food Project (CHFP) enters its seventh summer, we want to take a moment to reflect and say thank you to you, our Shareholders. We are struck by the progress that you have helped us achieve. During the 2016 growing season, your continued support accounted for 40% of our revenue, which enabled us to distribute 16,685 shares that reached 65,696 individuals. 65% of those we reached were vulnerable individuals, with household incomes below 200% of the poverty level.  This is something to celebrate, thank you!

As we recognize the progress we’ve made in getting food to those who need it most, we also recognize the challenges that we face, particularly in this political climate, as we work to achieve our vision of shifting power in the food system in order to create community control and achieve racial equity and food sovereignty. This vision and our core values continue to guide us and we remain committed to meeting people where they are and work to actively find ways to provide fresh produce to people and communities that are historically under-served or not served. Despite these barriers, you, as a Shareholder, along with our institutional and community box partners, continue to give us hope as we work to overcome these challenges.

Looking towards the summer 2017 season, we have been developing stronger internal systems and procedures in order to provide you the service you deserve. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we ask that you complete this brief Shareholder Feedback Survey so that we can build upon our improved systems.

Sign up for the summer season beginning May 1. Delivery begins the week of June 5.

You as individual Shareholders are the reason we continue to exist and your support for the coming season is one we will be grateful for as we pledge to provide you the quality service you deserve. As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to take part in the long-standing CHFP tradition known as the “Soup Session.” On May 9 at 6:30pm, I invite shareholders to my home to enjoy a meal and discuss what’s happening in the community and in food. Space is limited so RSVP sooner rather than later. A separate invitation with additional details will follow this email.


Dennis Derryck,
Corbin Hill Food Project President and Founder.