Building Community Ownership Pt. 2

 A few weeks ago, we shared an article on a presentation our Founder and President, Dennis Derryck, gave to a packed house in Washington, DC. Now, we have the full presentation available for you to listen and follow along with! 

The presentation was given to the Local Food Distribution Work Group and the Bainum Family Foundation on how Corbin Hill has evolved over the years, and how we keep community sovereignty and racial equity are at the heart of everything we do. Check it out! 

What’s In Season?


Many of you will receive tomatillos is your Share this week! These flavor-filled green beauties are almost out of season so enjoy them while they are still here. Impress your friends and family at your next get together with this amazing Salsa Verde recipe! You can also find recipes for any item you might receive this week by visiting our recipes section. Happy Cooking!

Corbin Hill Food Project