Sign-Up for Farm Share 2019

We officially made it to the end of our 2018 Farm Share Season! This season, Corbin Hill has gone through many changes and transitions as an organization. Thank you for staying patient and supportive as we work to build a stronger Farm Share program for all.

While this week is our official last week of Farm Share, many of our sites have additional distribution dates in December. Click here or talk to your Site Coordinator to see if your site is on the list.

Go ahead and mark your 2019 calendar for a Farm Share kick-off the week of January 14! More details regarding specific sites is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

While you are counting down the days until your next Farm Share pick-up, you can go ahead and sign-up for our 2019 Farm Share now on your Local Food Marketplace account. Follow the steps below to make sure you are on the list for our first week back!

  1. Login to your Local Food Marketplace account

  2. Click the "Shop Subscriptions" button

  3. At the top of the page, select your Farm Share pick-up location. This will show you what subscription options are available at that location as offerings vary from site to site.

  4. From there, select the 2019 subscriptions you'd like to purchase by hitting the orange "Subscribe" button underneath each subscription option you choose.

  5. Select your pick-up "location" again

  6. Choose your payment plan

    1. Single payment - this is a single payment for the whole season available for produce, eggs and fruit shares

    2. Pay by order - this is a weekly payment plan

      1. You can use the credit card you have on file or add a new card to your account

      2. Select autopay or manual pay. *NOTE: If you select manual pay, you must log in each week to add funds to your account!

      3. Confirm or update your card’s billing address

  7. Read the Agreement and Cancellation Policy and check “I Agree”

  8. Select the quantity you would like and click “Confirm”

  9. After that, you can continue shopping for other 2019 subscription options

What's Next?

After you've added all the subscriptions you'd like, you will be left on the "Account Subscriptions" page, which will show you everything you have signed up for through Corbin Hill.

You'll receive a welcome email as well as a series of automatic emails that confirm each subscription you signed up for through Local Food Marketplace. If you have any questions about your first distribution date, feel free to contact us at 212-870-2003 during normal business hours. Remember to bring a bag to pick-up your Share.

Corbin Hill Food Project