Social Impact

Corbin Hill has been up to some major changes in the past few months. From launching our new ordering platform, Local Food Marketplace, to launching Salesforce and brainstorming new fundraising initiatives, our office staff has been in Energizer Bunny mode. Our most exciting initiative is the NEW Social Impact Farm Share, which has created a sliding scale payment model.

The Social Impact Share started out of a brainstorming session on how we could increase access and affordability of fresh, local produce throughout New York City. Our Farm Share was designed to prioritize the needs of low-income communities through its flexible model. Additionally, we have worked to raise grant funds that have allowed us to keep prices low and offer standard Farm Share prices of $15 and $28. Without these grant dollars, the actual cost per Farm Share would be 30-40% higher.

How does it work?

Social Impact offers a new pricing tier that invites Shareholders with greater means the opportunity to pay slightly more, which makes it possible for us to offer a lower priced Share to low-income families using EBT/SNAP. This program is designed to provide you, our Shareholder, an opportunity to help people right on your block. Social Impact embodies one of Corbin Hill’s core values, community ownership, by empowering individuals to take action and contribute to greater food security for people in their community. Click here if you want to learn more about Social Impact.

If the Social Impact program doesn’t seem like the right fit for you now, there are other ways you can contribute to greater food security in your community. You can donate, volunteer, or call us with any amazing ideas you might have. Together, we can make big things happen!


What’s in Season??


If you are like us, you might still have some summer squash hiding in your refrigerator. Try out this quick and easy recipe for a tasty, fresh snack. No squash? Try modifying this recipe for potatoes, asparagus, or another one of your veggies. Click here to visit our recipe blog to find a recipe for just about any item you can think of. Happy Cooking!