Where Does Your Food Come From?

At Corbin Hill, we place a high value on high quality, fresh produce. We work our hardest to make sure each week we bring you the best selection of fruits and veggies around. To make this happen, we source from small and mid-sized farms in the Northeast region. Most of our produce comes from New York State, but we also purchase from farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. We do this to offer a wider variety of produce. For example, farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have strawberries before New York, so expanding our sourcing region allows us to provide specific items for more extended periods of time. This is especially important right now as farmers Upstate experienced very bitter, cold temperatures this winter and spring along with many inches of snow. These extreme temperatures and snowfall have resulted in a very wet spring, which delayed planting for many growers and in some cases has resulted in the loss of some crops and overall lower yields. Because of these weather conditions, we are seeing that there is a delay in seeing some of the summer crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers and that the season for spring crops like peas, asparagus and strawberries was very short. Due to these gaps, we are trying to do some sourcing from places like New Jersey and North Carolina on occasion to help fill in these gaps. We hope that the regular summer crops will be in great abundance from New York State farmers in the next 2-4 weeks, but wanted to update you all on the growing situation should you have any questions about your weekly Farm Share. If you want to stay up to date on when certain produce is in season, take a look at our Harvest Calendar. No matter the source, the quality and freshness of our produce exceeds what you will find in the grocery store.

What's in Season?

Garlic Scapes.jpg

This week we are bringing you garlic scapes fresh from Corbin Hill Road Farm. If you love garlic, you will go nuts for the fresh flavor garlic scapes bring. These curly green stalks are sure to add a garlicky flavor kick to any dish you create. Check out this Garlic Scape Frittata for a fresh take on breakfast or the crowd-favorite Garlic Scape Pesto. Both will allow you to get the most out of your scapes.