Share Your Share

The best part about Farm Share is how much quality produce you get for such a low price. However, you may have trouble eating it all each week, but love getting a weekly supply of fresh veggies. What’s a Shareholder to do? We love how waste conscious our Shareholders are, so we wanted to offer a tip on how to keep utilizing your weekly supply of fresh fruits and veggies without letting any go to waste. One of the best ways is to find a friend, neighbor, coworker, partner, soulmate, or someone you can persuade into splitting a Share of fresh veggies. They need to be willing to go halvsies with you on the price and portion size. This is an excellent way to save a little dough and limit your food waste. You can also create a pick-up schedule with this person and trade off weeks. This works exceptionally well for people who attend the same school, gym, or work in the same office. A bonus is that you both can choose which veggies you want or don’t want. You can also swap recipes and cooking tips and maybe even plan a day to cook together. Sharing your Share is a fantastic way to save money, save waste, and build relationships. If you are currently sharing your Share with someone, let us know your story! We love hearing about the creative ways our Shareholders are using their produce to make the most of their Share.


What's in Season? 


It's peak corn season!! Expect to see these golden babies at some point throughout the next few weeks in your Share. Corn is an easy addition to nearly any dish. Spice up your corn with this Corn with Herb Butter recipe. We also have other corn recipes on our website. Click the button below to check them out. Happy Cooking!