Master Your Farm Share Account

Learning how to navigate new software can always be challenging at the start. We wanted to take a moment to make sure our Shareholders have the tools they need to manage their Local Food Marketplace accounts. Today, we will be discussing some frequently asked questions about Local Food Marketplace and guide you step by step through the process.

How do I put my Share on hold?

First things first, log into your LFM account. Click the subscriptions button on the left side of the screen. Click on the subscription you want to put on hold. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen you until you see “Subscription Holds.” Be sure to start your hold with the date you don’t want to pick-up and end it before the next date that you do wish to pick up. This must be repeated for each individual subscription you wish to place on hold. Keep in mind; you must place your hold a week before the delivery date you wish to skip. Let’s say you wanted to skip your Farm Share delivery on August 29th. Anytime between now and August 22nd, you can place a hold on your account. After August 22nd, you are not able to place a hold because we order your produce a week in advance. When you set your hold, you will set your hold for 08/29/18 -08/29/18. Selecting these dates allows the person who orders to see that you wish to only skip one week. This is important so we know to order for your pick-up on September 5th. Remember: When setting your holds, make sure your end date leaves one week for us to order you your next Share. See example below.



How do I buy a subscription?

Once you log into your account, click on “Subscriptions,” then click “Add Subscription.” In the top left, under the green bar, you can choose which location you want to pick-up. You have to choose your pick-up site first because the items shown will adjust based on what’s available at that site. Select an item. You will be taken to a new page where you must select your location again. Then you can click subscribe and confirm your payment information. You can choose to have your card charged automatically every week or to submit a payment manually each time you would like a Share. Then click that you agree with our Shareholder Agreement and Cancellation Policy. Click “Confirm,” and you are now subscribed to that item. You must repeat this process for all the items you wish to receive. See example below.



How can I see my accounts transactions and orders?

After you log in, click on “Account Activity.” Here, you can see the transactions that have been happening in your account and a record of your past orders. When you are charged, that means you have an order for next week, unless you have an outstanding balance already. See example below.



Where can I view or add funds?

Click on “Account Activity.” Here, you can see how much money and credits you have in your account. If you need to add more money to your account, you can select the amount to charge and then click “Add Funds.” See example below.


Do I need to add funds to my account?

Most of our Shareholders choose the autopay feature when they sign-up. This means they do not have to go into their accounts every week to add money. If you are not on autopay and want to be on autopay, shoot us a quick email, and we will get you set-up. If you do not wish to be on autopay, you can choose the “Pay by order” option when registering for a subscription without selecting autopay. With this feature, we will only order you a Share if you have enough funds in your account. You can add enough funds for multiple weeks but be sure to monitor your account and add any holds for the weeks you don’t wish to pick-up.

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