Meet Shareholder Carly

Corbin Hill’s Shareholders are made up of unique individuals who come from different corners of the world and various professions. Meet Carly Frankel. Carly has been a Shareholder with Corbin Hill for two summers and picks up at our Brotherhood Sister Sol location in Harlem. We first noticed Carly through Instagram. She is always tagging us in the most beautiful photos of her weekly produce. And after talking to her Site Coordinator, Xavier, about how vibrant and friendly Carly is, we had to reach out and get to know her a little more.

Carly is originally from Long Island but has been living in the city for nearly 4 years. Carly is a performer. But like any New York artist, she also juggles odd jobs like being a host at Spacious, babysitting, and working at Associated Press for elections (She encourages everyone to get out and VOTE!!).

Carly, like many of our Shareholders, started her Farm Share journey out of pure determination to add more fruits and vegetables into her diet. As we all know, New York City grocery stores can be overwhelming and may have limited options in the produce department. You can find yourself walking around for what feels like hours, and when you have finally made a selection, you spend a brutal amount of time in the checkout line. All to get home and realize that you’ve forgotten something. To avoid all this weekly drama, Carly signed up for Farm Share because it allowed her to receive different varieties of produce that she might not have picked out herself, or knew existed while trying to survive the grocery store rush.

Carly is an artist at heart, and that doesn’t end with a curtain call. Farm Share has given Carly a creative space to play and experiment with putting different veggies and flavors together. Even though she is a cooking novice, she uses her weekly Share of fruits and veggies to craft flavor-filled dishes like stuffed cabbage and delicata squash southwest chili.  Carly’s favorite summer veggie has been mushrooms because she has been able to use them in several dishes. She has sauteed them with leeks as a side dish, added them to her breakfast frittatas, threw them in with her scrambled eggs, and even shared some with her roommate because she mentioned, “I normally have far more food than I can eat myself!”  

When Carly is not in the kitchen cooking up wild concoctions, you can find her exploring the city she loves, spending time with her family and friends, or belting her heart out at a karaoke bar. To learn more about Carly, check out her webpage or strike up a conversation if you are a Shareholder at the Brotherhood Sister Sol.. I am sure she would love to share more about her story and slide you a few of her favorite recipes. She encourages everyone to explore their creative side this week by trying a new recipe.

What's in Season? 


Keep your eyes peeled for both red and green cabbage at your Farm Share site over the next few weeks. Cabbage is one of the most versatile veggies. It can be sautéed, roasted, boiled, steamed, or eaten raw. Give your cabbage a creative kick with this Fresh Cabbage Kimchi recipe. You can also find recipes for any item you might receive this week by visiting the recipe section of our website. Happy Cooking! 

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