Garlic with a Social Justice Punch

Food is a powerful resource. It is a source of energy, a cause for communion, and can be the ultimate comforter. Corbin Hill views food as an agent of change. To us, something as trivial as a small garlic bulb represents a shift in power.

Last week, many of our Shareholders received freshly harvested garlic from Corbin Hill Road Farm. The garlic is the first significant crop grown at the farm and then included in the Farm Share. Corbin Hill’s first partner, The Carrot Barn, provided all the seed for this project, which includes five different varieties of hardneck garlic.

The garlic was planted in late October 2017, and the scapes were harvested in June. Some of you got them in your Shares this summer. Harvesting the scape of the garlic plant is a critical step in the growing process. Once the scape grows, it lets you know that it’s almost time to harvest. Cutting the scape is essential as it allows the garlic plant to channel its energy into growing the bulb. After the scapes were cut, the bulbs were harvested in July 2018, dried and cured in August and by September 2018, 1500 bulbs made their way to the Farm Share. Our Founder and President, Dennis Derryck, rolled up his sleeves and assembled a crew including his wife, daughter, and some helpers from The Carrot Barn to harvest the garlic because, at Corbin Hill, we believe in a boots on the ground approach to all that we do.

The garlic crop was an intentional project meant to strengthen and grow the relationship between Corbin Hill Road Farm and Corbin Hill Food Project, the nonprofit. The garlic served as a trial run to what we hope is eventually a series of crops that can be easily grown, doesn’t require a lot of labor to manage, and are items needed for Farm Share that might be difficult or too expensive to source. To put it into perspective, garlic prices skyrocketed to $3.20/lb last November. The practice of growing our garlic gives us more space and power when it comes to keeping our costs affordable and offering a wide variety of produce to our Shareholders.

Corbin Hill’s garlic crop represents a step toward fulfilling our vision of Community Ownership and sovereignty. Simply put, we own what we grow.

What’s In Season?

Green Beans.jpg

The window for green beans is almost up. Make the most of these summer beauties with this Penne Pasta recipe! You can also find recipes for any item you might receive this week by visiting our recipes section. Happy Cooking! 

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