Spend Thanksgiving with Corbin Hill

Click here for details on how to sign up for the Thanksgiving Produce Share!

Every year, as we reflect on all of the things that we are thankful for, the Corbin Hill family wants to thank each and every one of our Shareholders for their continued commitment to our vision and goals of food sovereignty and shifting power. We are grateful to have a powerful network of people all dedicated to bringing about equity and change in the food system.

In addition to reflection, Thanksgiving is a time for fellowship and family, and for many, coming together over a shared meal is a meaningful yearly ritual. However, those days leading up to Thanksgiving are always a bit hectic, as we prepare to host family members, travel to see our loved ones and of course, get all of the food in order. This year, let Corbin Hill lighten your load. We have kickstarted our annual Thanksgiving Farm share Program, where we are offering pasture raised turkeys, local produce, and fresh baked pies.. 

The turkeys we offer are raised in Tamaqua, PA at Koch’s Turkey farm. Sustainable practices and humane conditions are important to us at Corbin Hill, and Koch’s turkeys are pasture raised and humane certified. Turkey is a Thanksgiving staple for families large and small, so we are offering a range of sizes that can accommodate varying amounts of people. Need a larger bird? No problem, email christensen@corbinhillfarm.com for pricing. The deadline to order whole turkeys is Monday, November 4th by noon. 

8-10 lbs - $35

12 - 14 lbs - $45

16-18 lbs - $58 

The Thanksgiving Produce Share is a perfect compliment to the turkey, and  is a great way to get all of your produce shopping done at one time, and costs $35 per share. Comprised of between 15-20 lbs of produce, the items that may come in the share cover a range of Thanksgiving staples like apples, cranberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, spinach, kale, collards, carrots, onions, fresh herbs, and more. The fruits and vegetables can be used for your side dishes, appetizers, entrees, casseroles, soups, and -- how could we forget -- dessert! The deadline to order the produce share is Sunday, November 17th by 11:59pm. 

We’ve got you covered with dessert, too! Corbin Hill is grateful to have Ms. Jean Chatman, local pie extraordinaire, provide her delicious fresh baked pies. Her homemade pies use ingredients sourced from our local farms, and are sure to be a big hit with the whole family. We are offering apple and sweet potato pies at $15/each. The deadline to order is Sunday, November 17th by 11:59pm

This Thanksgiving, consider signing up for Corbin Hill’s Thanksgiving Farm Share to make turkey-day prep a breeze and support our efforts towards community wealth-building and ownership. Click here for details on how to sign up for the Thanksgiving Produce Share!

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