Continuing a Legacy

“You can give a man some food, and he’ll eat it. Then he’ll only go hungry again. But give a man some ground of his own and a hoe, and he’ll never go hungry again.” - Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer is one of the earliest Food Justice Warriors. Many of her principles and ideas are still being fought for today by food justice leaders, including Corbin Hill’s Founder, Dennis Derryck.

Fannie founded the Freedom Farms Cooperative in 1969 on 40-60 acres of Mississippi Delta land. The farm allowed families the opportunity to work for a few hours and carry home a bushel of produce in exchange. This form of community buy-in and ownership was essential to Fannie as she argued that Black Southerners would achieve full citizenship only when they controlled their own diet and where their food came from.

Corbin Hill is guided by similar unwavering values of social justice and racial equity and has made great strides in the last year to give ownership of Corbin Hill Road Farm to the community.

Through our flexible Farm Share model, we strive to advance sovereignty and redefine the terms of what it means for the broader community to have control in the food system. Dennis echos Fannie Lou Hamer’s belief in community ownership by saying, “Corbin Hill does not view itself as solely an aggregator of food serving vulnerable populations. It has a longer- term vision that entails a community owning its food system through sovereignty, community control, and the shifting of power through decision making within a community's food system.”

Corbin Hill will continue to carry the torch of the many unsung food justice heroes, and we won’t stop until the communities we serve have access and ownership within the food system.

Corbin Hill Food Project