Generosity Together: A Letter from our Founder

Dear Shareholders:

In these days where civility and generosity seem to be lost virtues and values, we at Corbin Hill are consistently being reassured by Corbin Hill Shareholders who collectively continue to demonstrate by your actions that your generosity towards each other as Shareholders is not lost. You, our Shareholders, have made us a more caring community in which you individually and quietly lend support to each other. Let us highlight actions you have taken that address this caring.

  • From the Corbin Hill community, 58 Shareholders have come forth and participated in our social impact fundthat has supported 266 number of subsidized Shares for Shareholders utilizing EBT.

  • In January,Corbin Hill announced that it was making its limited grant subsidies available to all Shareholders at all sites. Last month, we updated you all that these grant dollars would soon be finished as we have been serving more people this winter than winter 2018. As a way to try and further extend the grant dollars, we surveyed four sites asking individuals if they could afford the price of our Share ($15) would they be willing to give up their subsidy so that it could be passed on to another Shareholder in need. The results again reflect your generosity and community spirit. Approximately 40 such Shareholders at four sites made the offer to pass their subsidy on to another Shareholder!

Our grant subsidies did go further last year; however, the City Council’s discretionary funds to Corbin Hill were reduced by 25 percent, from $80,000 to $60,000. Additionally, the Farm Share program has increased the number of total Shares distributed this season by 88%.

We have decided to extend our survey to a number of additional sites to determine who may wish to pass on their subsidy for the remainder of the season.Your response will assist us in planning to extend the season for Shareholders who require a subsidy both this winter and for the summer.

Again, our appreciation to each of you in building a community in which all are included.


Dennis Derryck
Founder and President

Corbin Hill Food Project