Corbin Hill and College Food Insecurity

The issue of food insecurity on college campuses has gained awareness in the past few years. However, it remains a critical problem. One recent New York Times article on the subject cited a study’s results that found that 48% of students at City University of New York schools had been food insecure in the past month.

A trademark of Corbin Hill is our flexible approach that enables us to serve more communities. Our different partnerships with college food pantries demonstrate our flexibility. Corbin Hill’s mission is to supply fresh food to communities that need it the most. In that vein, Corbin Hill began working with the Columbia University Food Pantry this year. The food pantry is not currently able to distribute fresh produce so they hand out vouchers to their clients to pick up fresh produce through the Riverside Church Farm Share location. The Pantry pays Corbin Hill directly for those shares. The program has succeeded tremendously and will now receive $5000 in annual funding from Columbia Dining. In addition, Corbin Hill works with Brooklyn College and Lehman College to supply produce to their food pantries. TheBrooklyn College program works similarly to the Corbin Hill program. The pantry provides free shares to students in need through an application process.  Lehman College is able to distribute fresh produce so we are able to sell wholesale produce to the pantry.

Food pantries often can only supply ultra-processed foods that lack nutritional content, and Corbin Hill’s involvement in these three food pantries helps ameliorate that problem. Last year, Governor Cuomo announced a plan to open food pantries in all New York public colleges, the first comprehensive plan to fix food insecurity on campuses. Hopefully these pantries will also include fresh produce items!