The Secret To Portions

Happy National French Fry Day! National French Fry Day was July 13th and to celebrate you may feel inclined to make some fries using your farm share potatoes or go buy some. Fast food and takeout containers of french fries may contain dozens of fries but, did you know the serving size of french fries are only around 10 fries? 

Many foods we eat are often served in over-sized amounts. Additionally, studies find that people will eat almost all of what they serve themselves. So when we buy a french fry container with 50 fries, we won’t question eating all 5 servings. 

Consumption of over-sized portions adds up over time and has serious health consequences including overeating and weight gain. To prevent overeating without the inconvenience of carrying measuring tools, use your hands! Portion sizes of different food groups correspond roughly to the shapes and parts of your hand.

  • For high-protein foods including meat, beans, poultry, and fish a palm-sized amount for women and two palm-sized amounts for men is a serving.

  • For vegetables as well as salads, women should eat a fist-sized amount and men should eat two fist-sized amounts.

  • For whole grains and high-carbohydrate foods including starch filled vegetables, one cupped hand for women and two cupped hands for men are appropriate amounts.

  • For butter, oil, nuts, and other high-fat foods, one thumb-sized amount for women and two thumb-sized amounts for men are enough.