Meat Lovers Welcome

Being a vegan, a person that does not eat animals or animal products, or a vegetarian, a person that does not eat animals, is popular today. Many feel that these lifestyles are the most ethical ways to live by reducing one’s environmental impact. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of air and water pollution contributing to global warming and community health problems, so skipping meat has a tangible, positive impact. 

While giving up meat may be best for the environment, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are expensive and do not acknowledge the significance of meat dishes in different cultures. So what can we do to commit to the wellbeing of the environment and enjoy some meaty meals? Change our all or nothing attitude regarding making change. 

Rather than eating no meat or eating lots of meat, find that healthy middle ground. We can adopt a “reducetarian” lifestyle where you eat meat and actively reduce your meat consumption. Maybe participate in Meatless Mondays or be a “Weekday Vegetarian.” Our farm shares are a fun and easy way to support a reducetarian lifestyle; they make fresh produce affordable, lessen your environmental impact, and encourage discovering new ways to prepare your favorite dishes with our produce. Summer is the best time to become a reducetarian as your farm share has the greatest variety, perfect for getting creative in the kitchen and feeding your desire to try something new. 

We do not need only a few people practicing veganism or vegetarianism perfectly, we need millions of people being imperfect reducetarians. So savor that hamburger today, but skip on meat tomorrow. Reduction rather than elimination of meat in our lives will drive accessible and effective change.