Growing Social Impact

Launched in the summer of 2018, our Social Impact program maximizes Corbin Hill’s ability to increase food security in New York City. In alignment with our vision of building community and achieving food sovereignty, our Social Impact program enables more families to receive fresh, local food by allowing shareholders with greater means to pay slightly more to support shareholders utilizing EBT/SNAP. 

The result of our Social Impact program is powerful. We have had 81 social impact investors support 239 shareholders and their families. In total, over 584 shares were directly subsidized by you, our Social Impact Investors, in the first year of the program. 

Corbin Hill operates in innovative ways to address the intersecting issues related to food insecurity such as health problems, racial injustice, and lack of community agency. We also challenge traditional food distribution and prove to be successful by reaching those who need it most; 60% of our sites serve households living 200 percent below the poverty level and of Corbin Hill’s founders, 72% of our community is made up of Blacks and Latinas, 64% are immigrants, and 51% are women.

Access to affordable and nutritious fresh produce makes a difference in people’s lives. Through Corbin Hill’s various projects and programs, we are creating amazing change and opportunity. Our impact is positive and lasting and so is yours as a shareholder in our program. 

Corbin Hill Food Project