Our Favorites from Afro-Vegan

Searching for your next cook book to try in the kitchen? Afro-Vegan by renowned chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry features vegan dishes with African, Carribean, and Southern flavors and reimagines dishes from these cultures as vegan too. Terry inspires people to try other cultures’ foods and is creative in making delicious culinary combinations that everyone loves. 

Wonder what our favorite dishes at the Corbin Hill Office are? 

  • Dennis, Founder and President: Corn Broth (page 43) - this is a fantastic way to use leftover corn cobs.

  • Erica, Growth & Operations Manager: Collards and Cabbage with Lots of Garlic (page 78)

  • Dana, Logistics and Procurement Manager: Sweet Corn and Ginger Soup (46)

  • Carolina, Farm Share Manager: Glazed Carrot Salad (page 91)

  • Lexi, Communications Intern: Creole-Spiced Plantain Chips (page 126)

Check out this week’s featured recipe from from Afro-Vegan: Chermoula, an herb-filled sauce used in Algerian, Moroccan and Turnisian cooking, often served as a marinade for fish and other meats. For vegans, Terry recommends baking it with tempeh, tofu or vegetables. 

Try our favorite recipes and more by getting Afro-Vegan today! Corbin Hill has them available for sale for $15. Email farmshare@corbinhillfarm.com about ordering one today.

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