Where faith meets fresh food to bring health to our communities

Corbin Hill Food Project is proud to introduce our Faith & Food Initiative in an effort to address some of the diet related health disparities that may impact faith communities throughout New York City.  Corbin Hill Food Project will design, plan, and implement fresh farm food in already existing Health, Social Justice Ministries and Food Pantries in Faith Communities across New York City.   

We see this as a major initiative that will increase food access, affordability and distribution to low income residents throughout New York City.  Corbin Hill Food Project's Faith & Food Initiative will consists of implementing other community programs that promotes healthy lifestyles such as:

  1. Department of Health Faith Based Initiatives

  2. CDC-National Diabetes Prevention Program

  3. Old Ways Heritage: Cultural Heritage Food Program

  4. Greening the Church Campaign

  5. C.O.G.I.C. Urban Initiatives of New York


We are excited to announce that the first implementation of the Faith & Food Program begin in January 2017 at the A.M.E. Zion Church on Hill in Harlem in partnership with The Department of Aging and the National Diabetes Prevention Program.