Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does Farm Share work?

Each season, local fruits and vegetables are delivered on a regular basis to sites in New York City. Shareholders (our term for members) pay in advance to receive a Share (a selection box) of freshly harvested produce.

The Farm Share is open to everyone, and it's designed to meet the needs of low-income communities by offering flexible membership terms, affordable prices, and items that reflect the diverse cultures we serve.

+ How do I join?

You can sign-up online by clicking here. In order for us to process your membership, the deadline to sign-up is one week in advance of the date you want to receive your first Share.

You can join once a season has begun! Enroll right away but please note you won’t receive your first Share until at least the following week - our farmers need time to pick.

You can pick-up your Share at any of our distribution sites. Take a look here at our current list of sites.

+ What can I expect when I come to pick-up my Share?

Our distribution sites are run by our Site Coordinators (a Corbin Hill staff member) and/or your fellow Shareholders serving as volunteers. Check your name on the sign-in sheet and our Site Coordinators will collect your payment for the next delivery (unless you paid for the season or online), and answer any questions about your account. We ask that Shareholders bring their own bags - mother nature will thank you! Shareholders can also purchase a new recycled-canvas Corbin Hill tote bag at any one of our collection sites. They are hand-made by an women’s empowerment group in Northern India! We have limited quantities, so get yours soon!

+ Placing a hold on my deliveries

We understand that sometimes life can get hectic. If you are unable to pick-up one of your deliveries, we suggest you have a friend or neighbor collect your Share for you. Due to concerns about refrigeration and imposing on our distribution hosts, we cannot hold Shares at our distribution sites past the closing time of that site. Don’t worry, though — the produce isn’t wasted. All leftovers will be delivered to nearby food pantries.

Corbin Hill gives our Shareholders the option to put your Share on “hold.” Members are not charged or may receive credits for weeks on “hold” as long as you notify us at least one week in advance. Note that if you are on autopay a charge may occur if you will still continue at some point within the season.


+ What are my deadlines?

All orders must be made about a week in advance to ensure we get quality produce from our suppliers.

Look below to see our deadlines for orders.

  • Tuesday delivery - Tuesday 11:59 pm prior to delivery is the order deadline
  • Wednesday delivery - Wednesday 11:59 pm prior to delivery is the order deadline
  • Thursday delivery - Thursday 11:59 pm prior to delivery is the order deadline
  • Saturday delivery - Saturday 11:59 pm prior to delivery is the order deadline

+ How do I put myself on hold?

A hold is a day or set of days you wish not to receive delivery. There are three ways to put your account on hold.

  1. Login to your account and find the 'delivery holds' section. Enter the date range and click 'save'. *Note the hold starts and ends those days. If you only want to be on hold for one week, don’t include the following week in the range.
  2. Let your Site Coordinator know upon pick-up that you’ll be missing future weeks.
  3. Call or email us requesting the hold. Please email or call from the email/number on your account.

+ What's the difference between a hold and a permanent hold?

  • A hold is temporary for the date that you enter.
  • A permanent hold is saying you’re not returning or unsure of your return. Each hold must be removed manually by you or us at Corbin Hill.

+ How do I change my pick-up location?

Since many of our sites run on different schedules and some have different types of Shares, this must be done by Corbin Hill Staff. So there are two ways to handle this.

  1. Let your Site Coordinator know upon pick-up the previous week.
  2. Call or email us a week in advance.

+ How do I add/remove items?

You can add items from your account by logging in and clicking 'add' in the subscription tab.

To remove any items, please email/call us and we can process it for you.

+ Why am I not on the list?

This may happen if a payment was not received for the week or if the payment was made after the order deadline.

+ How do I update my payment details?

  • Login to your account
  • Click'account information
  • Select 'credit card'
  • Update your credit card details
  • Click save

+ How do I cancel my Share?

Cancellations are done by office staff only.

To cancel, please email or call us.

*Note this will not remove you from our newsletters or other listd we have for emails. You must unsubscribe.

Inside The Box

+ So what exactly is in each Share?

Our Summer Shares come in two sizes. Our $15 Share includes 6-8 seasonal vegetables & fruit and on average feeds 1-2 people. Our $28 Share includes 9-11 seasonal vegetables & fruit and on average feeds 3-4 people. Our produce is seasonal, and because fruit is ready for harvest later in the season than most vegetables are, you can expect to start seeing berries, peaches, melons and more in your produce Share by the end of June.

+ Can I choose exactly what’s in my Farm Share?

Unfortunately you can’t choose specifically which vegetables and fruits are included because the Share composition is based on what’s in season and being harvested on our partnering farms. For a estimate of what to expect, click here.

+ Additional Shares and add-on items

During both the Winter and Summer harvest seasons we offer farm-fresh brown Eggs and Extra Fruit Shares. Extra Shares can only be purchased along with a regular Farm Share, and will be delivered along with your weekly Farm Share. We also have a range of add-ons available for delivery.

You can add or cancel an extra Share at any point in the season. New extra Shares, need to be paid for in advance of the next fresh produce delivery. To cancel an extra Share that has been paid for in advance; you have the option to get a refund, rollover that money to a following season, and/or donate to Corbin Hill Food Project see more on our “Payment and Refund Policy” below.

If you’d like even more produce than what our regular Shares include, consider buying a second Share.

If you think that it is too much for you. You also have the option of putting your Share on “hold” should your refrigerator ever get overwhelmed.

+ Holiday Special Offers

Shareholders and non-Shareholders are welcome to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey and/or Thanksgiving Box (to be delivered the week before Thanksgiving Day only).

+ Do you have a collection of recipes I can use?

Our Community Chefs demonstrate new recipes at our distribution sites on Farm Share delivery days. We also have a collection of recipes in our Recipe Page. If you try them or just want to show off your skills in the kitchen, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Payment and Refund Policy

+ What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay online with a debit or credit card.
Or with checks made payable to “Corbin Hill Food Project”
Or with your SNAP/EBT card in person at your site or by phone. Or with Cash at your site.

We offer two different payment plans: Pay-In-Full and Pay-by-Order. If you opt for the Per-Delivery payment plan, you have the option to use your debit/credit card to enroll in automatic billing. Please see our Shareholder Terms page for more details.

+ When do you collect payments?

We need to receive your initial payment when you first register for a Farm Share. If you chose the Pay-By-Order payment plan, we will collect payment one week in advance of the delivery. This is because the farmers who grow our vegetables and fruit need our “pick count” (how much of what to pick and pack) well in advance of each delivery, and we need to know the number of Shareholders to include in this count. For more details see our Membership Terms.

+ How do I pay with SNAP/EBT?

According to government regulations, we can accept SNAP/EBT (food stamps) as payment as early as two weeks before your upcoming delivery. If you are already enrolled in the current season, please bring your SNAP card with you to your distribution site during pickup hours to make the payment for your next delivery.

You may also call the office during our business hours of 9:30am to 4:00pm.

+ What if I pay by the week and miss a payment?

If we do not receive your payment one week in advance of the next delivery, we will assume you do not want a share and put your account on “hold” until your next payment is made. In other words – if you don’t pay, we don’t pick! If you know in advance that you will be unable to make a payment, please tell the Site Coordinator at your distribution site or e-mail us at You can put your share on “hold” in advance — and save both yourself and our office staff time trying to contact you.

+ Can I get a refund if I need to quit being a Shareholder?

We hope you won’t drop out! But should you need to and should you have funds left in your account, we can issue a refund. Please see our Membership Terms page for more details.

At the end of the season, all members with credits remaining in their accounts will be given the option to get a refund, rollover to the next season, or donate to Corbin Hill Food Project.

+ Account Balances:

You can monitor the funds in your account by logging into your account here and clicking on the “Account Activity” tab on the left hand navigation bar. Your remaining Balance is displayed as the "unapplied payment balance."

Please allow 24 hours after each delivery for changes in your account to be updated. If your share was on “hold” that delivery day, and your account has been charged please contact us by email or phone # 212-870-2003.

What makes Corbin Hill special?

+ Cost

The full cost of a CSA/Farmshare season is out of reach for many people, especially those who budget on a monthly or weekly basis. While many CSA’s require the full-cost upfront Corbin Hill has a wide variety of payment plans.

Corbin Hill also appreciates that flexibility, especially for low-income families whose schedules are often dictated by shift work is crucial. To remove this barrier, we offer all shareholder the option to place delivery holds.

Not only do we offer credit/debit card and check as payment options, but cash and SNAP/EBT as well.

At the end of our delivery season, we offer shareholders refunds and/or the option to carry any remaining balance over to the next season, or make their balance a charitable donation to Corbin Hill’s nonprofit mission.

+ Schedule

We believe anyone should be able to join, not just those who have been organized, so we allow anyone to join as a shareholder at any point in the season.

The freedom of our shareholders in how they join and when they join is extended into the flexibility they have to add or remove add-on items such as honey, eggs, yogurt and extra fruit shares.

+ No Strings

We do not believe that gaining access to affordable fresh local produce should be “earned” through work programs, once a member has signed up, all that is expected is that they be able to make their payments in time, not that they have to do a certain number of hours in voluntary service to our organization or community.

Thanks to our networks of farmers, and partnership with Greenmarket Co. Corbin Hill does not share the risk of loss with it’s farmers, so while shareholders need to accept that drought may produce smaller peppers, they can rest in the knowledge that they will always receive a certain number of items each week (according to their subscription plan).

+ Mission and Community Vision

Because we don’t re-sell shares, shares that aren’t picked-up are donated to the Common Pantry or nearest affiliated pantry. This builds local-food connections with an even greater number of service organizations and vulnerable city residents.

Corbin Hill's Farm Share vs. Traditional CSA

corbin hill food project farmshare options chart