Missed Deliveries, Payment & Refund Policies


+ Missed Payments

If we do not receive your payment 7 days in advance of the next delivery, your account will automatically be placed on “hold” until your make your next payment. If you know in advance that you will be unable to make a payment, it is your responsibility to place your own account on hold. If you are unable to do so, you are responsible for asking the Community Organizer at your distribution site to place your account on hold. Alternatively you can contact the office to place a hold, by emailing farmshare@corbinhillfarm.com or calling the office at 212-870-2003.

+ Missed Pick-ups

We recommend that members who are unable to collect their Share, send someone else as a proxy to collect that Share. If a Shareholder does not collect their Share, it will be donated to the nearest associated food pantry. We do not resell a Share once it has been paid for by a shareholder, rather we donate the Share to a food pantry. We do not issue credits for missed pick-ups.

+ Hold Policy

Corbin Hill gives our Shareholders the option to put your share on “hold.” You must do this through your Corbin Hill Food Project (Farmigo) account, by 11.59 PM on the Wednesday before your next delivery date. Accounts placed on hold after the deadline may still be charged. Shareholders will not be charged for deliveries if we are notified that they wish to have their accounts placed on on hold before the 11.59 PM deadline on Wednesdays.

Please note: Accounts on automatic billing which have a balance of $0 (zero) while on hold will be charged in advance for your next scheduled delivery - even if it is a month away - but it will not be charged again until you return.

At the end of the season, all members with credits remaining in their accounts will be given the option to get a refund, rollover to the next season, or donate to Corbin Hill Food Project.

+ Cancellation Policy

All our members are considered active and highly valued partners in our food equity movement. Members can cancel their subscription at any time by notifying us via email [farmshare@corbinhillfarm.com] using the email account associated with your Corbin Hill Food Project (Farmigo) account. The deadline to make changes to shareholder accounts in 11.59 PM on Wednesday; any account cancellations made after this deadline may still be charged for the next week’s delivery, which we will not issue a refund for. A $15.00 cancellation fee will be applied to any accounts cancelled during the season. The $15.00 cancellation fee will be applied to the remainder of your balance at the time of cancellation.

+ Credit Policy

Corbin Hill Food Project works very hard to ensure every order is fulfilled with produce of the highest quality. If you receive an item or share which does not meet our standards, we are able to offer a credit to your account. To request a credit please contact your Site Coordinator/Organizer while you are still at your pick-up site, and they will make a note of that in your account which we will update on a weekly basis. Any problems with produce quality must be reported to a Site Coordinator/Organizer on the day of distribution. Credits will not be issued for quality-assurance complaints that have not been recorded (on the day they occur) by our Site Coordinator/Organizers.

+ Refund Policy

A $15.00 cancellation fee will be applied to any accounts cancelled during the season. You must request your refund by contacting us within 7 days of cancelling your account, or 30 days after the close of the season - counted from the last day of delivery. Refunds can be issued by check or directly onto the credit card used to make a payment. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process. Check and credit card refunds will not be issued to accounts due less than $15.00 however shareholders may use this balance as credit in the upcoming season or donate it to Corbin Hill Food Project, Shareholders also have the option to order add-on items of equal value for pick-up at a specified time within the season.

+ A list of partnering donor pantries

  • Brotherhood/Sister Sol (donations to Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church)
  • Columbia Community Partnership for Health (donations to ARC Fort Washington Senior Center)
  • Community Health Academy of the Heights (donations to Community League of the Heights Food Pantry)
  • Food Bank for NYC Community Kitchen & Pantry (donations to the Food Bank’s Community Kitchen & Food Pantry of West Harlem)
  • Lehman College (donations to the Lehman College Child Care Center)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (donations to Common Ground)
  • The New School (donations to Common Ground)
  • Riverside Church (donations to Riverside Church Food Pantry)

Updated December 5th, 2016