Our Model

Corbin Hill Food Project is a Harlem based non-profit organization and social enterprise that supplies fresh, local food to those who need it most. We are a values-based organization committed to social justice, racial equity and food sovereignty. 

Corbin Hill delivers fresh, local produce to communities through a direct-to-consumer Farm Share program and to institutions and community organizations through its Wholesale program. During the first six years of operation, Corbin Hill worked directly with 42 farmers in upstate New York to aggregate and distribute produce to the City.  In 2016, Corbin Hill shifted its model to one that utilizes the infrastructure of other hubs and aggregators to increase access and achieve equitable outcomes for low-income communities and communities of color. Corbin Hill now works with a number of supply partners, who do the direct farmer aggregation. Corbin Hill still maintains some direct grower relationships for specific products such as honey and maple syrup. Through our partnerships, we are able to source from a network of nearly 200 growers throughout the Northeastern Region from Pennsylvania to Maine. Corbin Hill works with both Farm Share and Wholesale customers to develop local programs and procurement practices that best meet their needs.