Our Produce

Corbin Hill works with a wide range of supply partners, though we try to focus on small and mid-sized farms in the Northeast region. Most of the products come from New York State, but some may come from farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. We do this to help diversify our offerings and allow us to extend the season of different products. For example, Pennsylvania farms have strawberries before NY farms so spreading our sourcing allows us to offer certain items for longer periods of time. In the same spirit, during the winter season, we work with supply partners that source from growers outside the Northeast region, like Florida and North Carolina, in order to bridge the gap in between seasons and increase access and availability of fresh produce. Many of these farms are owned by New York farmers that have a winter operation, which allows those growers to have income year-round. The farms we source from utilize a variety of growing practices including crop rotation, companion planting, Integrated Pest Management, organic and conventional methods. Additionally, we source from some farmer cooperatives that focus on organic grains and beans. 

The Harvest Calendar

Our produce is top notch, unbelievably fresh, and of the highest quality. We make this happen by ordering what's in season. Check out our Harvest Calendar to see what months your favorite produce is available. Keep in mind that we always try to bring you new types of produce, so some produce we offer may not appear on the calendar. 


*Please be advised that this calendar is to be used as a guide and is subject to change as a result of seasonal growing conditions.