The Harvest Calendar

Each week we bring produce that May vary from week to week depending on the time of the season.

Below you can find a harvest calendar, with harvest months for certain produce, as well as additional items we sell.. Since Corbin Hill is always trying to bring you new types of produce some produce we delivery may not appear on the harvest calendar.

Corbin Hill Food Project HARVEST CALENDAR.png

*Please be advised that this calendar is to be used as a guide only, and is subject to change as a result of seasonal growing conditions. 



Our produce is not necessarily organic. However Corbin Hill Food Project works with farmers who employ safe and sustainable agricultural practices. This includes avoiding using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; not using genetically modified organisms (GMO); providing safe and fair working conditions for on-farm labor; and provide healthy and humane care for livestock in a cage-free, free-range environment.

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