As a Shareholder in the Corbin Hill Farm Share, I Agree to:

  • Pick up my Farm Share on the delivery date and time specified for my distribution site
  • Bring my own bag to pick up my produce  - Mother Nature will thank you!

  • Understand that your Farm Shares will vary over the course of the season, and there is no guarantee on the composition, weight or amount of contents of each Farm Share. 

  • Pay for my Farm Share the Wednesday prior to my scheduled delivery date. This can be done by:
    - Calling us at 212-870-2003 by 4:00 p.m. (EST) the Wednesday prior to your next delivery date,
    - Informing your Site Coordinator during the prior week’s distribution site hours* 
    - Through your Local Food Marketplace account at  by 11:59 p.m. (EST) the Wednesday before your next delivery date

    *Please note that if your delivery date is on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you will need to use either options (i) or (iii) to advise CHFP.
  • Notify CHFP by the Wednesday prior to my next scheduled delivery date if I would like to place my Farm Share on hold and / or resume delivery. Please see Section 3 of our Missed Deliveries, Payment & Refund Policies for more details.

  • Understand that missed payments, refunds, credits are subject to our  Missed Deliveries, Payment & Refund Policy.

  • Understand that on the rare occasion that a delivery date needs to be changed due to weather conditions, Corbin Hill will do our best to inform you of changes to the delivery schedule via email if you have provided CHFP with an email address through your Local Food Marketplace account. Please also refer to the Missed Deliveries, Payments and Refund Policy for more details.  

  • Arrange for someone else to pick up your Farm Share if I cannot.

  • Understand if I do not pick up your Farm Share at the specified delivery date and time, at our discretion, CHFP will donate such surplus to a nearby food pantry or non-profit. CHFP confirms that it will not resell your Farm Share.

  • Check my email regularly  to access the weekly newsletter, recipes or other Shareholder related news, notices or events.

  • The entire Shareholder Agreement can be downloaded here

CHFP works with a wide range of supply partners, though we try to focus on working with supply partners that source primarily from small and mid-sized farms in the Northeast region. Most of the products come from New York State, but may also come from, among other locations, farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maine. During the winter season, we work with supply partners that source from growers outside the Northeast region in order to bridge the gap in between seasons and increase access and availability to fresh products

Last updated: June 1, 2017