Signing up for Farm Share is simple. We use a platform called Local Food Marketplace that allows you to create and mange your own account.  This provides you, our Shareholder, a lot more flexibility by allowing you to set up a payment plan or place your account on hold at any time. If you are a new Shareholder, follow the steps below to create your account. If you run into any problems or need extra help, feel free to call us at 212-870-2003 or email us at We have Local Food Marketplace experts on standby to help get you started.

Sign-Up Instructions 

Register for a Local Food Marketplace Account

  • Click the sign-up button above. 

  • Register as a user and create a new account.

  • After you've registered, login to your account.

  • Select your customer type
    - Standard Shareholder - select this option if you will plan to pay the regular price of the Share. 
    - Social Impact Shareholder - select this option if you would like to make a tax deductible donation through your weekly purchase to provide discounted pricing for EBT / SNAP Shareholders. Learn more here

    - EBT/SNAP Shareholder - select this if you are paying for your Share with EBT / SNAP only
  • Complete registration information and questions.

Shop Subscriptions

  • Once your registration is complete, you are ready to pick out your subscriptions. Click the "Shop Subscriptions" button

  • At the top of the page, select your Farm Share pick-up location. This will show you what subscription options are available at that location as offerings vary from site to site. 

  • From there, select the subscriptions you'd like to purchase by hitting the orange "Subscribe" button underneath each subscription option you choose. 

  • Select your pick-up "location" again. 

  • Choose your payment plan.
    - Single payment - this is a single payment for the whole season available for produce, eggs and fruit shares. 

    - Pay by order - this is a weekly payment plan 
  • Press the orange "Subscribe" button. 

  • A pop-up screen will appear showing you the terms and conditions. 

  • Select your payment type.

  • Read and check that you agree to the policy.

  • Hit confirm. 

  • After that, you can continue shopping for other subscription and add-on options. 

What's Next?

  • After you've added all the subscriptions you'd like, you will be left on the "account subscriptions" page, which will show you everything you have signed up for through Corbin Hill. 
  • You'll receive a welcome email as well as a series of automatic emails that confirm each subscription you signed up for through Local Food Marketplace. 
  • If you have any questions about your first distribution date, feel free to contact us at 212-870-2003 during normal business hours. 
  • Remember to bring a bag to pick-up your Share. 
  • Get excited for some fresh, local food!