Social Impact

Corbin Hill’s mission is to supply fresh, local food to those who need it most. We have always been driven by our values and vision of achieving racial equity, food sovereignty and shifting power. As part of this power shift, Corbin Hill has worked to develop a flexible Farm Share model that prioritizes the needs of low-income communities through pricing and location. As a nonprofit, Corbin Hill seeks grant funding that allows us to offer standard Farm Share prices of $15 and $28. Without this grant funding, the true cost of the Farm Share would be 30-40% higher. 

While many of our Farm Share sites operate in communities where access to fresh, local produce is traditionally limited, we understand that our diverse community of Shareholders come from different economic means, even within neighborhoods that have a higher degree of food insecurity. As such, we are rolling out a new Social Impact Share- a pricing tier that invites Shareholders with greater means to pay slightly more, making it possible for us to offer a lower priced Share to low-income families using EBT/SNAP. By purchasing a Social Impact Share*, you help contribute to greater food security by lowering the cost of Farm Share for another family in your community.


Consider paying more if you:

  • Have investments, retirement accounts or inherited money

  • Travel recreationally

  • Have access to family resources in times of need

  • Work Part Time, by choice

  • Have a relatively high earning power due to level of education, gender or racial privilege, citizenship status, class background, etc.

How do I participate?

  • If you are a current Shareholder interested in purchasing a Social Impact Share, shoot us an email at

  • If you are a New Shareholder, Register here. During registration, it will ask you for your customer type. Select “Social Impact Shareholder.”

  • If you are a low-income family receiving EBT/SNAP, please select "EBT/SNAP Shareholder" during the registration process here

  • You can make a single donation to the Social Impact program here

  • If you have any questions or problems during registration, please contact us

  • By donating to the Social Impact Program, you are making a tax deductible donation. At the end of the year, Corbin Hill will send you a donor acknowledgement letter that can be used when filing your taxes.


"While I am not wealthy, I know that I have more than others and I can afford an additional $5 to help someone gain access to fresh, good quality produce."

-Corbin Hill Shareholder

*Should your financial situation change at any point, you can opt out of the Social Impact program and return to regular pricing.