Here at Corbin Hill we work our hardest to bring you quality produce. and hope you may all help us with that.

As a Shareholder in the Corbin Hill Farm Share, I agree to:

  • Pick up my share each week on the day and time specified for my site.

  • Arrange for someone else to pick up my share if I cannot.

  • Bring my own bag to pick up my produce. 

  • Understand that my share will vary over the course of the season, and there is no guarantee on the exact composition, weight or amount of contents of each share.

  • Manage my own shareholder account using the online platform provided (Farmigo)*, to make any changes to my account, including placing my shares on hold. 

  • Pay for my share 7 days in advance, through whatever payment method I signed on for.

  • I understand & agree to the Corbin Hill Food Project policies on missed deliveries, payments and credits/refunds. You can see those policies HERE.

*You can sign into your member account right HERE


Our produce is not necessarily organic. However Corbin Hill Food Project works with farmers who employ safe and sustainable agricultural practices. This includes avoiding using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; not using genetically modified organisms (GMO); providing safe and fair working conditions for on-farm labor; and provide healthy and humane care for livestock in a cage-free, free-range environment.