Corbin Hill Food Project is hosting a Thanksgiving Farm Share! This year our Thanksgiving Share pick-up will take place

Saturday, November 23rd: 10 AM - 2 PM and Sunday, November 24th: 10 AM - 2 PM

Regardless of your weekly pick-up site, ALL Thanksgiving pick-ups will take place at

Riverside Church
91 Claremont Avenue
New York, New York 10027

Ordering instructions and and FAQ are listed at the bottom of this page. This year, we are excited to offer you a variety of Thanksgiving items to make your celebration truly local. Note each item has a different order deadline. If you have any questions about sign-up or want more information about our Thanksgiving Share, please scroll down the the FAQ portion of this page. You can also give us a call at 212-870-2003 or email us at! We are thankful we get to celebrate this holiday with you and your family.

Local Turkeys

8-10 lbs - $35

12-14 lbs - $45

16-18 lbs - $58 

Larger size birds available upon request. Please email for information.

Order deadline November 3rd at 11:59pm

Produce Share

Thanksgiving Produce Share (15-20 lbs) - $35

Order deadline is Sunday, November 17th by 11:59 PM

Freshly Baked Pies

Pie Share (8inch) - $15

Baked locally 

Choice of apple or sweet potato 

Baked by Harlem native, Chatman J. Cakes.

Order deadline is Sunday, November 17th by 11:59 PM


+ Do I have to be a Farm Share member in order to sign-up for the Thanksgiving program?

No! Anyone can sign-up. Sign-up instructions are below.

+ Can I order the Produce Share without a Turkey?

YES! We hope you choose to order everything, but you can order the Produce Share, Turkey, and the Pies individually.

+ How many people does the Share feed? What do I do if I have a more people?

We estimate that the 8-10 lb turkey, produce shares and pies will feed 4-8 people. The rule of thumb with Turkeys is usually a pound per person, once you get above 10lbs. If you have big eaters or like to have leftovers, we recommend ordering 1.5 lbs per person. If you have additional guests, you can always order more than one of each! See below on how to order a larger turkey.

+ Where do I sign-up?

Current Shareholders login to your account here:

If you are a weekly Shareholder at any of Corbin Hill’s sites and already have a Local Food Marketplace account, you will simply be adding additional subscriptions for the produce, the turkeys and the pies. You will see Thanksgiving options once you click on your location. Please note, regardless of your regular pickup location, ALL THANKSGIVING SHARES WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AT RIVERSIDE CHURCH.

New Shareholders sign-up here:

If you are new to Corbin Hill, please select Riverside Church as your location. Once you click on Riverside, you will see all of the Thanksgiving options available.

+ What do I do if I have sign-up questions?

Call 212-870-2003 from 10am-5pm, or email:


+ Where do the Turkey’s come from?

Koch’s Turkey Farm in Tamaqua, PA. For more information, visit:

+ How are the birds raised?

The birds are pasture raised and humane certified. Their feed contains no synthetic herbicides, pesticides and no animal byproducts. All of Koch’s turkeys are raised without growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics.

+ Do the turkeys come fresh or frozen?

The birds come fresh-frozen, which means they are partially frozen to ensure freshness by Thanksgiving. They should be fully thawed while i in the refrigerator within 1-2 days of receiving them.

+ How big is the turkey? How much does it cost?

We offer several sizes: Turkeys(8-10 lbs): $35 each (4-8 ppl) Turkeys(12-14 lbs): $45 each (10-13 ppl) Turkeys(16-18 lbs): $58 (14-18 ppl)

+ Can I order a bigger turkey?

We will do our best to accommodate requests for larger turkeys. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested by calling 212.870.2003 or emailing


+ What comes in the Produce Share?

You will receive 10 items. Once you sign-up, we will send out a survey asking for preferences so you can let us know which items to prioritize. All items are subject to availability, not guaranteed. Choices will be between Apples, Cranberries, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Spinach, Kale, Collards, Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Yellow Onions, Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans, Crimini Mushrooms, and an herb bundle with Parsley, Sage Rosemary & Thyme. Other items will be available for purchase at the distribution.

+ How much of each item will I get?

Actual amounts per item are approximate- we estimate that with each item, there will be enough to cook for 4-8 people. In total, you will receive approximately 15-20lbs of fresh produce.

+ Where does the produce come from?

We are partnering with Schoharie Valley Farms, Finger Lakes Farms, The Common Market, and Greenmarket Co for our Thanksgiving produce this year. All of the fruits and veggies you receive will come from different local farms in the northeast and mid-atlantic region. We do our best to support smaller scale farmers and those who use responsible and sustainable growing practices.

+ Can I customize the Produce Share?

In order to provide the freshest local fruits and vegetables at the lowest cost possible, we are not able to customize an order, but we will offer a swap-box at the pick-up site so you can switch out any items you don’t want!


+ What flavors are available?

Apple and Sweet Potato.

+ How big are the pies?

8inches. They are enough to serve 4-8 people. Potentially more (it depends how much you can resist seconds)!

+ Where do the pies come from?

The Pies are locally baked by pie extraordinaire, Chatman J Cakes. She makes everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients, and sources both the Sweet Potatoes and Apples from the local farms we partner with.

+ How long will the pies last?

The pies will stay fresh for about a week. In order to maintain optimal freshness for Thanksgiving Day, we recommend freezing the pies for a couple of days after receiving them. Ms. Chatman will be present on-site to answer any additional questions!