The Corbin Hill Food Project’s wholesale program is an innovative social venture that delivers fresh, locally grown New York State produce in bulk to groups in New York City that seek to improve the health of the communities they serve. 

Sign up below to receive our weekly produce list, detailing all the items that are available the following week throughout our Summer and Winter seasons. Our mouth-watering list includes the item count, weight and price of each product; as well as the sourcing information of the supplying farm. Take a look at our Harvest Calendar to get a good sense of what will be available when.

Orders need to be placed by Friday 10 AM for deliveries the following Tuesday. We have a minimum order requirement of $250, and will deliver the items directly to your location.

For Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, Washington Heights, Queens, and lower Manhattan: Orders will be delivered on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

We need  a 4 hour delivery window to give us  some wiggle room to navigate the traffic that plagues our busy, beautiful city.

+ Add-ons and extra items

We offer a dynamic local product line including commercial kitchen ready (i.e. pre-prepped) items. We also sell yogurts made from grass-fed milk, eggs, and etc. See a list of our add-on items here.

+ Is the produce organically grown?

Mostly. We source our produce from a growing network of farms located in New York State. Our farmers’ growing practices differ by farm — from certified organic to integrated pest management (I.P.M.) practices to conventionally grown. If you are interested in learning about what farm a specific item is coming from, or the growing practices for a specific item, please inquire at